Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships 2019

The Queensland branch (KWQ) is really excited about holding the Nationals for the first time in 13 years and is aiming to provide you with a wonderful weekend of workshops, competition and friendship.

We are proud to announce we have arranged a special guest from China to conduct a one-day workshop on the Saturday. I will send more details in the next couple of days.

Registration has been extended until August 16th 2019 so for those who haven’t decided you still have a couple of days

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Membership Insurance Renewals and Application Forms

Just a reminder to renew your insurance and update your membership application forms.Each year the demands on us to get the insurance processed asap grow so the sooner you get this back the sooner we can get it done for you.

As with previous years we will provide bridging coverage to all members until the 30 August. Payment before June 30 means it can be tax deductible in this financial year.

You should have already received your 2019-20 Insurance/Membership Renewal, please complete and return it to:  as soon as possible.

For the updated membership form that was sent out, please send this to:

If you have not yet received any notification, please get in touch with the secretary  as soon as possible.

Gawain Siu Awarded Certificate of Excellence

Sifu Gawain Siu was awarded the Certificate of Excellence for his immense contributions to KWWA during his tenure as W.A. President from 2014-2018. During his term, Gawain significantly increased the profile for Kung Fu in W.A. through the work he and his team at Ging Mo Academy did at organising the State and National Championships the previous years.

Athlete Development Grant

Congratulations to the WA Taolu and Sanda athletes selected to represent Australia at the World Wushu Championships in October. As part of the KWWA Athlete development program, athletes were awarded funding through Department of Sport and Recreation to assist in raising the profile of Kung Fu Wushu as government recognised sport.

Chinese MMA – Sanda

The new promotional logo for SANDA-Chinese MMA. This fast growing contact sport will soon be a recognized Pacific Games Sport. Any members wanting to get involved in participating in SANDA events please contact and we will be happy to help you.

Can You Help KWA


We are assisting the development of martial arts in the Pacific and would like to to ask for your help. Many of the clubs in the Pacific are too poor to afford training equipment.

  • Do you have any pads, gloves or kick shields that you no longer need?
  • Can you donate them to our Oceania Assistance program?

Stuff you no longer need can make a big difference to the growth of martial arts in countries such as PNG, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Soma

To donate, contact: or 0426 900 587

Working together we can make a difference

Sports Participation Figures

In selling martial arts to sponsors and government support/grant agencies the participation in our industry has always been a grey area. Roy Morgan Research has released the results of the most comprehensive ‘sports participation’ survey ever undertaken. Not surprisingly for us but perhaps for others Martial Arts sits a number 5 in Australia – well ahead of AFL, Rugby League and a whole bunch of other sports. These figures may be of value to you.

See Figures Here: Sports Participation

2019 World Kung Fu Championships

The Australian Team is doing very well at the 2019 World Kung Fu Championships.
The Team is working well together with a great sense of unity. Early results have Australia  with
4 Silver and 6 Bronze medals – with still more competition days to go.