Post Covid Resources

The MAIA is providinng martial art schools and martial arts instructors with resources and strategies that will encourage students to return back to training in the ‘Post-Covid’ environment.

If you have any ideas that have successfully worked for you and would like to share on this page, please send an email to:

The following materials have been member tested and proven to work.  You may use these where appropriate. Entry into a Post-Covid environment varies from State to State and it is encouraged that you check that any of the material you use is in accordance with with the current guidelines in your state/territory:

Post-Covid Government Updates:

  • NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet outlines vision of post-COVID Sydney  (news link here)
  • PM Scott Morrison keen to scrap COVID-19 close contact self-isolation as soon as possible (news link here)

  • Dan Andrews set to follow NSW and REMOVE Australia’s most hated Covid-19 rules – here’s what you need to know about the major changes (news link here)
  • Queensland to scrap most COVID-19 mask rules, density limits in restrictions rewind (news link here)

Member Testimonials:

  • “Walt has been instrumental in assisting the martial arts industry get back on its feet. Many don’t see the work that Walt does tirelessly behind the scenes, not only in strategy and marketing but also negotiating with governments for assistance wherever possible and removing poor quality instruction from our martial arts industry. Great leadership mate, thank you.” – John Bedwany, (Chuan Fa School of Martial Arts and Discovering Goodness)
  • “Congratulations on the work you are doing in this space.”Dr Luke Del Vecchio (ACE Martial Arts Academy)
  • “Thanks so much for the fabulous and positive advertising suggestions and material. So good to see some forward thinking and attitudes.”Marea Misitano (All Star Martial Arts Academy)
  • “Thank you”Graeme O’Donnell (DMG Studio)
  • “Everyone has their own reason for not reconnecting. It’s going to be a struggle for a while I guess. Definitley a changing of the guard. Thank you for everything you do.”Kevin (South Coast Martial Arts Centre)
  • “Bloody great, this stuff has worked.”Brian (AMAA)

Branding Logos:

download full size here: (Kids R Safe)

download full size here: (Covid Safe)

download full size here: (Post Covid Safe)

download full size here: (Covid Safe Martial Arts School)

Posters and Flyers:

download full size here: (Kick Covid 4A)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 4B)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 5A)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 5B)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 6A)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 6B)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 7A)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 7B)

download full size here: (Kick Covid 8A)

download full size here: (Welcome All Poster)


Kids R Safe 1:


Kids R Safe 2


Kids R Safe 3