Membership Requirements

  • The applicant agrees that the applicant club/academy and all of its affiliates,
    members, instructors and employees (whether paid or unpaid) will be bound by the
    Martial Arts Industry Association’s ‘Code of Practice’. The applicant agrees and
    understands that violating this code may result in the rescinding of your
    membership with KWWA.
  • The applicant agrees and understands that the first year of membership is
    provisional and conditional upon:
    i) the Applicant club/academy implementing a program of education and
    implementation of the NATIONAL CODE OF CONDUCT amongst its members
    ii) the Applicant club/academy’s introduction and implementation of a policy of
    of all of the applicant club/academies instructors and assistant instructors –
    it is a condition of membership that all instructors within your club/academy
    will have commenced an accreditation program during the first twelve
    months of your membership
    iii) The Applicant agrees that all of the applicant clubs instructors must have a
    current Western Australia ‘Working With Children Check’ Card.
    iv) The Applicant agrees that he/she may not retain membership in any
    organisation that is deemed to be a ‘conflicting organisation’ by KWWA, KWA
    or the IWUF and that failure to comply with this condition will result in the
    canceling of your membership with KWWA.
    v) The applicant agrees that the applicant club/academy/organization will
    undertake insurance with the KWA insurance provider.
    i) The Applicant agrees to abide by the Rules, Policies and By-laws of
    Kung Fu Wushu Western Australia Inc.
    ii) The Applicant agrees and accepts that lodging a membership application
    does not mean that membership will be granted