Play Fu – Kung Fu Kids Workshop for Beginners

Play Fu is a unique program that combines traditional martial arts techniques with fun games and activities to create an engaging and exciting learning experience for children. Our program is suitable for children of all ages and skill levels, and our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential.

We are excited to announce a special open house event for our Play Fu program, which will be hosted by Kung Fu Wushu WA, Western Australia’s peak body for martial arts. This event is open to the public and is a great opportunity for parents and children to come and see what our program is all about.

At the open house, parents and children will have the chance to meet our instructors, try out some of our martial arts techniques, and participate in fun games and activities. We will also provide information about our program, including pricing and scheduling options, so parents can make an informed decision about whether Play Fu is the right fit for their child.

We believe that martial arts can have a positive impact on children’s lives, and we are proud to offer the Play Fu program to families in Western Australia. We hope to see you at our open house event and look forward to introducing you to the world of Play Fu!

To Register your cild fo this event, please go here: Eventbrite Registration

2022 World Junior Wushu Championships – Tangerang Indonesia

The Australian Junior Wushu Team recently attended the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships, held in Tangerang Indonesia, from the 3rd to 11th December 2022.
The tournament was a great success and the largest Junior Wushu Championships of its kind in history. More than 800 young athletes competed from over 60 countries, with representation from the five continents of the world. It was an invaluable and eye-opening experience for our young athletes – all of whom had previously not competed at a tournament of this scale.

The team had trained hard and diligently, and were able to remain safe despite the ongoing risks of COVID-19. We managed to obtain great results for Australia including a 3rd Place Award by Sasha Leung for the Group B Female TaiJiJian 42 event, and 7th Place Award by Aiden Chan for
the Group B Male Spear event.
Overall our team had a great time and id a great job both as competitors and ambassadors. It was wonderful to see the next generation of our athletes representing Australia in wushu, and pursuing sporting excellence.

Sanda World Cup Melbourne Australia 2024

Kung Fu Wushu Australia will be hosting the Sanda World Cup in Melbourne, Australia November 2024 at the State Netball Hockey Centre.

For more information go to:
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8th World Junior Wushu Championships 2022

On the June 5th Meeting of the KWA National Executive approval was given to
commit an official Australian Team to the  2022 World Junior Wushu Championships to be held from 2-1 December at Tangerang Banten Indonesia.

Preliminary registration for the event is 2 Sept 2022,  Final registration is 2 Nov 2022. The event allows for the following participants:

Taolu maximun 20 members
1 Taolu team leader
2 Taolu coaches
1 Taolu Team doctor
12 athletes
4 observers

Sanda max 19 members
1 Sanda team Leader
2 Sanda coaches
1 Sanda team doctor
11 athletes
4 observers

The event is significant as it is the first ’post covid’ international event.

A committee to manage the team selection will be in place shortly but what I need asap is any an indication member who wishes to attend and in what capacity and what athletes
are provisionally nominated from our member schools.

Some nominations have already been received but for any remaining nominations a close off date for the provisional nominations has been set at COB 11 July 2022 after which time the official, coach and athlete composition of the team will be confirmed.

Tai Chi Association of Australia (TCAA) announces its first ‘Post Covid’ Event

The 2022 TCAA Australian Open Tai Chi Championship, will be held on Saturday 23 April 2022 in New South Wales at the Sydney University Sport & Aquatic Centre, Darlington Road, DARLINGTON, NSW 2008 <> . The closing date for registration is Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

Invitation is extended to all Tai Chi enthusiasts of all attainment levels to register for the Competition or come as supporters or spectators. Let your friends know about it too, to register to perform or to come and enjoy watching.

To read more on the Competition and/or to register, follow the link to the competition page on the TCAA website: from where the 2022 Regulations and Registration Forms can be downloaded

TaoLu (Individual) 2022 TCAA RegoForms & Rules
TaoLu (TEAM) 2022 TCAA RegoForms & Rules
Push Hands 2022 TCAA RegoForms & Rules

Return to Classes – Post Covid

MAIA President, Walt Missingham, has released a range of ‘Post Covid’ initiatives to assist the recovery of the Martial Arts Industry as we move into a ‘Post Covid’

Walt commented: “It is quite amazing how quickly the ‘political capital’ of lockdowns, QR Codes, vaccine passports and masks has evaporated.  Across the country we are seeing an opening up and a movement back to normality but this is not enough. We need to enable our industry with initiatives  that will assist getting people back to training”

Our first step is getting our young people back to training.
The MAIA has registered the ‘Kids R Safe’ logo and brand (attached below),  members are free to use it in their advertising and promotions.

The Kids R Safe logo/brand is supported by the following 3 videos, now on our YouTube station.  The branding and videos have been tested by select members,  they have contributed to a marked return to training by past and new students.

Kids 1:
Kids 2:
Kids 3:

The links can be sent to any past or potential student or parent of student that you feel might be worthwhile, integrated into a social media campaign and/or used on your facebook or webpage.

Right click and ‘Save As’ the logos:

Australia Takes Gold at 2021 IWUF Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition

The 2021 IWUF Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition was held between October 18th to November 06th  with about 1,000 participants from 61 countries and regions.

As the first ever online wushu competition by IWUF, there were 11 competition events including Changquan, Daoshu, Qiangshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Taijijian, Taijiquan, Taijishan, Nanquan, Nandao and Nangun.

With an Australian team mostly from Western Australia, the competitions were divided into three age groups: group A (12-14 years old), group B (15-17 years old) and group C (18 years old and above).

Below is a summary of the results for the Australian team:

  • Competition Events Participated: 27
  • 1st Category Prize: 1
  • 2nd Category Prize: 10
  • 3rd Category Prize: 12 Best

Well done to all our athletes who competed.

Kung Fu Wushu Admitted to International World Games

Association (IWGA) during the IWGA¹s 2021 Annual General Assembly (AGM 2021) held virtually on May 27th, 2021.

The IWUF submitted its application documents to the IWGA on February 14th, 2021 and made a presentation for membership application during the IWGA AGM on May 21st, 2021.

The AGM was attended by 36 members out of IWGA¹s 37 members. In line with IWGA¹s Constitution, the acceptance of the membership should meet 2/3 in majority by voting.

During the AGM, wushu (IWUF) received 29 votes, and sambo (FIAS) received 24 votes, both becoming the IWGA¹s new members. Currently, IWGA has 39 members in total.

President Gou said that this successful result is the achievement of a long term of global wushu promotion which was contributed by all members of IWUF Executive Board, Committees, as well as the IWUF¹s 155 member federations.

Wushu: An Official Sport in Youth Olympic Games

Today the IOC announced that wushu will be included as an official sport in the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). This is a tremendous milestone in the development of wushu, and the positive outcome is the result of the hard work, longtime efforts and substantial global promotions of the IWUF and its 155 members over the past 30 years.

After serious consideration by the IOC Executive Board, wushu was included in the Dakar 2022 YOG for several key reasons. Wushu is a sport greatly enjoyed and popularized by youth. The IWUF adheres to the principles, vision and mission of the YOG and the IOC that promote youth athletes learning about Olympic values, exploring other cultures, developing the skills to become true ambassadors of their sport, and improving their training methods and performance.

The IWUF believes the inclusion of wushu in the Dakar 2022 YOG offers enormous encouragement for all athletes, coaches and officials in the sport today. This milestone will greatly encourage more young people to explore wushu and join the sport, training towards both an elite level and for enjoyment and health. The IWUF continues to emphasize that wushu helps youth build a strong body, mind and spirit, while promoting friendship and understanding among various cultures and nations.

Looking to the future, the successful inclusion of wushu in the Dakar 2022 YOG reminds the IWUF that we need to consistently evolve to keep our sport attuned to the needs of its stakeholders, by continuing to refine rules and regulations, and adhering to the IOC motto of “faster, higher, stronger.” The Federation will strive to develop more wushu federations around the world especially in underserved regions, and promote more vigorously the wushu lifestyle that offers athletes the benefits of sport for health and happiness.

The IWUF offers a heartfelt and profound thanks to all its members and partners who have supported the Federation’s work for the past 30 years, helping build the sport of wushu to its current high level.