2022 World Junior Wushu Championships – Tangerang Indonesia

The Australian Junior Wushu Team recently attended the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships, held in Tangerang Indonesia, from the 3rd to 11th December 2022.
The tournament was a great success and the largest Junior Wushu Championships of its kind in history. More than 800 young athletes competed from over 60 countries, with representation from the five continents of the world. It was an invaluable and eye-opening experience for our young athletes – all of whom had previously not competed at a tournament of this scale.

The team had trained hard and diligently, and were able to remain safe despite the ongoing risks of COVID-19. We managed to obtain great results for Australia including a 3rd Place Award by Sasha Leung for the Group B Female TaiJiJian 42 event, and 7th Place Award by Aiden Chan for
the Group B Male Spear event.
Overall our team had a great time and id a great job both as competitors and ambassadors. It was wonderful to see the next generation of our athletes representing Australia in wushu, and pursuing sporting excellence.