KWWA Strategic Plan 2019-2024

With the new committee formed and working closely with DSR, a new strategic plan has been developed with the objective of creating greater awareness for KWWA as a brand. The strategic plan also aims to illustrate its strengths in providing support to its members of the WA martial arts community. For more information, contact:


One thought on “KWWA Strategic Plan 2019-2024

  1. ben cody says:

    hello can you please send us a copy of kung fu wushu Wa strategic plan please, We are from the mt barker martial school and have attended and won many gold medals at these campionships, we are a small town club and would like to see what development we can get into our small town so we can represt the great southern at many more of these events.
    Thank you
    Ben cody
    for Master Hassan
    Mt barker martial arts school

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